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Who We Are

We’re a diverse bunch, and proud of it.

Diverse. Dedicated. Dynamic.

Our varied backgrounds, life experience, education, and training provides a perspective and approach beyond the typical in our everyday tasks.

These differences are affirmed and embraced, allowing to us to break away from the norm and get our customers and projects to the finish line quickly and efficiently.

4K+ Projects Completed

With experience on over 4,000 projects on Vancouver Island, we know how to get the job done.

Large, Resourceful Team

As part of the First General network of 80+ locations, we have the resources of a national team.

All Jobs, Big or Small

Even small jobs are BIG deals to our clients. We tackle all jobs with the same care, big or small.

Certified IICRC Member

As an IICRC certified firm, First General offers a high level of technical expertise and professionalism.

Meet The Crew

  • Ryan Hill

    Ryan Hill

    President & Founder

    “Michael Scott”

  • Rebecca Hill

    Rebecca Hill


    “Music Maestro”

  • Rick Marshall

    Rick Marshall

    Project Manager

    “Cliff Climber”

  • Tiara-Lee Walker

    Tiara-Lee Walker

    Project Manager

    “The Boss Lady”

  • Jordyn Tutte

    Jordyn Tutte

    Project Manager

    “Avid Adventurer”

  • Tony Kost

    Tony Kost

    Carpentry Manager

    “Tonify It!”

  • Jenaya Tutte

    Jenaya Tutte

    Office Manager

    “World Traveller”

  • Marguerite Touzeau

    Marguerite Touzeau


    “Harley Rider”

  • Kyra Tapp

    Kyra Tapp

    Project Coordinator

    “The Art Major”

  • Garrett Rogers

    Garrett Rogers


    “The Coach”

  • Rod Rushton

    Rod Rushton


    “Mr. Cheerful”

  • Brandon Moore

    Brandon Moore


    “The Rockstar”

  • Amber Bragg

    Amber Bragg

    Lead Technician

    “Dancing Diva”

  • Yaya Fofana

    Yaya Fofana

    Lead Technician

    “Our ‘Yes’ Man”

  • Mitchell Olson

    Mitchell Olson

    Lead Technician

    “Mighty Mitch!”

  • Anthony Hoffman

    Anthony Hoffman


    “#1 Dad”

  • Hudson Hill

    Hudson Hill


    “NBA Draft Pick”

  • Ashley O’Neil

    Ashley O’Neil


    “Gardening Guru”

  • Sam Walkosky

    Sam Walkosky


    “Homerun Hitter”

  • Shay Teesdale

    Shay Teesdale


    “Creative Crafter”

  • Garrett McIntosh

    Garrett McIntosh


    “Fishing Fanatic”

  • Carlton Ryles

    Carlton Ryles


    “Pokémon Master”

  • Nick Waite

    Nick Waite


    “Dirt Biking Daredevil”

  • Sebastian Carballes

    Sebastian Carballes


    “Jiu Jitsu Master”

  • Zach Littlejohn

    Zach Littlejohn


    “FG Fashion Icon”

Join Our Team

We’re looking for people with the right attitude, approach, and professionalism to make a positive difference in the lives of our coworkers, partners, and customers.

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