Wind & Storm Damage

Damage from severe storms and wind can be significant and put the stability and safety of your home or business at risk.

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Experiencing wind or storm damage can be frightening.

  • When your home or business has suffered wind or storm damage it can leave you feeling unsafe or at risk.
  • Storms can cause power outages that make understanding the extent of the damage and the potential risk to your safety difficult.
  • Downed trees and destructive storms can lead to a feeling of fear and helplessness, and concerns regarding how to prevent further damage.

First General will take you from chaos to calm.

  • Our team is ready to respond 24/7 and will immediately put a plan in place to secure and stabilize the structure thereby preventing further damage.
  • A project manager will evaluate the damage and coordinate professionals to remove fallen trees and debris and ensure necessary steps are taken to ensure the structure is safe.
  • Our team will communicate with your insurance company and advocate for a speedy resolution.

Trust our 24/7 priority response.

Storms can create significant and sudden damage that requires an equally speedy response. Our team of trained technicians and trusted professionals is ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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24-hour response to secure and protect the structure

No cost inspection and evaluation

Trusted professionals and priority response

Wind and storm damage is hazardous and requires expert evaluation and repair.

Facilitating repairs caused by a severe storm requires knowledgeable experts. Experts who understand how to evaluate the structural integrity of the home and the safety risks associated with repairing damage. The team at First General has a trusted network of professionals from tree removal companies to engineers who will provide immediate response and coordinate to ensure the most thorough evaluation and repair is completed.

Storm damage can down trees and power lines, creating a significant risk to occupants and the potential for additional damage to be caused by water and fire. Trees can puncture building materials in areas that may not be visible.

First General utilizes advanced photo and video technology to safely inspect roofs and other exterior structures to safely provide a thorough evaluation of the damage.

Quick response, expert advice.

Excellent communication is the key component in ensuring you can feel a sense of calm and confidence in knowing your home, belongings and family are cared for.

Why you can trust First General:

  • Compassionate and knowledgeable staff will guide you throughout the process and communicate with you and your insurance company.
  • The team at First General will complete an in-depth inspection, evaluate the damage, and provide a plan and estimated cost for repair.
  • First General has over a decade of experience in working with insurance companies to provide quick and thorough reporting to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your home or business restored back to pre-loss condition.

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Our team is ready to provide a speedy resolution to your wind or storm damage emergency.

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The damage caused by wind can be far more significant than it first appears and if not evaluated quickly can lead to additional damage. In addition, severe storms also create an influx of claims, limiting resources and potentially delaying a response. Call our team first to secure and stabilize your home or business.