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From the first site visit till the end of the reconstruction, our PM was so attentive, knowledgeable and great with communication.

Dan M.

From the first call through to the completion of the project they were amazing to work with.

Jodi L.

They went the extra mile at every step and felt like family taking care of us and our home.

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When disaster strikes, First General Services is your trusted ally right here in Victoria, BC.

Our commitment to excellence resonates with every historic building, from the iconic Fairmont Empress to the Royal BC Museum.

Whether it's Downtown Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Saanich, or West Shore, our team understands the unique architectural and environmental nuances of our city.

Entrust us with your property restoration needs and feel the confidence of partnering with a local company that not only knows restoration but breathes the spirit of Victoria.

Don't let damage define your property; allow us to restore its original charm and glory. Reach out to First General Services – where Victoria's heritage meets modern restoration expertise.

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Fire & Smoke Restoration

Restore your home and peace of mind after fire damage with the trusted experts at First General.

Water & Flood Restoration

Protect your most valuable possessions with the experienced and knowledgeable team at First General.

Wind & Storm Restoration

Make First General your first call to secure structures, coordinate repairs, and advocate for speedy resolutions.

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Protect your health and safety with professional hazardous remediation services from First General.

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Our expert team of restoration professionals will get your business back up and running in no time.

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Quick response, expert advice.

Excellent communication is the key component in ensuring you can feel a sense of calm and confidence in knowing your home, belongings and family are cared for.

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  • Compassionate and knowledgeable staff will guide you throughout the process and communicate with you and your insurance company.
  • The team at First General will complete an in-depth inspection, evaluate the damage, and provide a plan and estimated cost for repair.
  • First General has over a decade of experience in working with insurance companies to provide quick and thorough reporting to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your home or business restored back to pre-loss condition.

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How do you restore flood damage?

Restoring flood damage requires a systematic approach and professional knowledge to tackle the numerous challenges that homeowners face. By understanding the water source, assessing the damage, effectively extracting water, remedying mold growth, repairing and rebuilding, and ensuring proper cleaning and sanitization, the restoration process can be successful.

Remember, seeking assistance from experienced restoration professionals such as First General is essential to ensure a fast and reliable recovery from flood damage.

How do you fix water damage?

Fixing water damage requires a systematic approach to minimize further harm. By assessing the damage, prioritizing safety, drying the area thoroughly, and restoring damaged materials, you can successfully overcome the effects of water damage.

In severe cases or when dealing with potential health hazards, it is always recommended to seek professional assistance through a reputable restoration company such as First General. By acting promptly, we can help protect your property and restore it to its pre-damage condition.

What do you toss out after a flood?

After a flood, it is important to know what items need to be discarded and what can be salvaged in order to properly restore your home. The first step is to assess the extent of the damage and categorize items as salvageable, non-salvageable, or potentially salvageable with the help of professionals.

  • Non-salvageable items include saturated porous items that may harbor mold and bacteria, such as mattresses, pillows, carpets, and upholstered furniture.
  • Potentially salvageable items, such as hard furniture, non-porous materials, and appliances, require thorough cleaning and sanitization, with the feasibility of saving them determined by professionals.
  • Items with minimal water exposure, such as sealed non-permeable containers with dry contents, canned food, and select kitchen utensils, can usually be saved without much difficulty.

Seeking professional assistance from a content remediation service such as First General is highly advised to ensure safety guidelines are followed and items are properly assessed.

How do you mitigate mold after a flood?

Floods can wreak havoc and lead to extensive water damage in homes or businesses. In addition to the immediate concerns of water extraction and cleanup, there is another hidden threat that lingers long after the floodwaters recede: mold.

Mold growth can start within 24 to 48 hours after a flood, posing significant health risks and causing structural damage if not managed promptly and effectively. Because of these and other risks, mold mitigation should be left to the professionals.

Addressing mold after a flood requires proper understanding, expertise, and equipment. By taking immediate action and contacting the mold remediation experts at First General, you can successfully mitigate mold growth and protect your property from further damage.